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Agile Tour Bangkok 2023

At Queen Sirikit National Convention Center

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Story of Principles

Rethinking Agile Principles & State of Agility 2023 

“58% of Agile Teams Fail, 88% are Scrum Teams. They are late, over budget, unhappy customers, and no sustainable pace. “ -J. Sutherland

This topic will be co-presented by Dr. Jeff Sutherland & Ethan Soo. Dr. Jeff Sutherland will talk about how he and the other 16 practitioners created Agile. What really happened in Day 1, 2, 3 in Snowbird, Utah. Then he proceeds to talk about what he observed now, why many are failing, and share the crucial knowledge to rethinking Agile Principles.

Dr. Jeff Sutherland
Ethan Soo
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